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IT 3250

IT 3250



Series 3250 Curtain Wall

Strength, versatility and economics make Series 3250 curtain wall an industry favorite for low- to mid-rise applications where outside glazing is desired. Complementing the efficiency of insulated glass, Series 3250 is thermally isolated by a continuous thermal spacer interlocked with horizontal and vertical pressure plates. Two-tone colors can be achieved by specifying different finishes for the exterior face covers and interior mullions. Two piece horizontals and die cast shear blocks allow for concealed horizontal to vertical joinery without exposed screws. These joint intersections also have concealed injection molded plastic end dams for controlling any infiltrated water. Various depth mullions are available for accommodating single and multi-span structural loads.

• 2 1/2″ Face dimension
• 1/4″ and 1″ glazing systems
• Multiple system depths
• Exterior glazed
• Thermally improved
• Pressure bar glazing
• No exposed fasteners
• Two-tone finish available
• Available in an array of architectural coatings and anodized finishes



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