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Frameless Door

Frameless Door



Sophisticated, Elegant Wall of Windows

Agl Glazing  frameless glass door offers excellence in design. The overall look is a sophisticated and elegant wall of windows. Agl Glazing  frameless glass door has no floor track and comes motorised as standard using the exclusive Agl Glazing logic control system. The use of our motorised system eliminates OH&S issues that can occur with manual operation and reduces the risk of product misuse and damage. Manual operation is
optional depending on size.


Suitable for many commercial applications including: Shopping
Centres, Restaurants, Shopfronts, Sports Complexes, Clubs,
Entertainment Centres. Maximum height – 4.0 metres.


The frameless bi-fold door is standardly constructed from 10, 12 or 15mm toughened glass panels. However, the exclusive trace and drive system can be incorporated for use with door panels of your choice.


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